Getting Started on Tributise.

Now you have registered. So what is next?
The idea of Tributise is that you can create your own pages for people and things that you like.
You can search on the main menu and look at some examples. Just click on the search box, leave it blank and hit enter to see the latest examples.
To write your own pages, simply go to the menu on the home page and choose 'Create Page'. You can choose whether you want to write a tribute to friends and family, someone famous, favourite things or a memorial tribute.
Then you can write your page. It can be a page for your favourite singer, or your best friend, or your uncle. Anyone you like. Or how about your favourite car? or your favourite place?
You can add photos to the page, and links to videos on YouTube.
And don't worry, you can always edit the page at any time once you have created it. And of course you can share it with your friends if you like.
All the Tribute pages that you create will be shown in the Members Menu under 'My Tributes'. You can create as many as you like!
But that's not all. Tributise is a community where you can meet new people - from all over the world!
Just go to 'View Members' and you can see other members who you can add as friends.
And why not invite your friends to join Tributise as well? With 'Invite Friends' you can share Tributise and help to grow the community.
view members
And you can join Groups, or create your own Group and invite your friends! Just go to Groups and join a Group or create a new one!
You can also create Events and invite your friends!
Discover Tributise now!


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