A Book About All of us

Sapiens: Yuval Noah Harari

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This book has been eye opening for me. It is a history of mankind’s cultural evolution from a group of foragers who existed along side many other species of humans through today’s high speed society driven by consumer and humanist ethics. It sheds a little light on a past that few of us really learn much about in the course of normal education and is written in very accessible language for the layman.

Throughout my reading of Sapiens I gained a deeper understanding for the world around me. I learned where it came from and a little about why I felt the way I did about it. It also changed my perspective on certain things like war, religion, and world leaders. I learned about why it's so hard to find a culture that truly feels alien in todays world and why so many of use are unhappy with the way or lives are going. I learned about the history of empires and people in general. I learned about myself and my relation to the world at large. I think that more than anything is why I treasure this book so much.

In reading this book I felt a deeper connection to my past and gained insights a plenty to help me look to my future with more caution and respect for the power of my actions. I have read it several times over and still learn something new with each reading.

I highly recommend this to anyone who seeks to learn more about human history and themselves.

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