Favorite Things List

What are your favorite things? What are you passionate about? What do you really like? Why not make a list of your favorite things on Tributise?

Are you a car fan? Porsche or Ferrari or Lamborghini... or are you a wine lover? Chablis or Bordeaux or Cabernet Sauvigon...perhaps you really enjoy a perfect cup of coffee?

Whatever it is that you really like, you can show your appreciation by creating a fan page on Tributise. Why not write some praise for your favorite restaurant? create a page for your favorite dog breed? or recommend your favorite make of sunglasses! Once you start writing pages, you will realise how much fun it is to build your own collection of things that you love. You can pay tribute to everything that you like and share those pages with your friends. How many pages can you create? as many as you want. Which pages will get the most views? Make a page and find out. The pages that you create are lasting, personal and fun. How often do you say "that is so cool"? Well if you like it then make a page for it. If it's precious then write it down and tell everyone why. It's like your own hall of fame with everything that you like in one place.

Now you can write a fan page for your favorite things. Why not create your first favorite things tribute today? It's fun!

What is always interesting is to read the personal story behind the fandom, to understand where it started and how it has developed. So maybe you love pizza (who doesn't!), but when did you first eat it, what is your favorite topping, do you have some funny stories about it? or some great pictures? Share anything and everything that you want about your favorite things. Why not look at some of the favorite things pages that other users have published on Tributise


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