You are a huge fan but how do you show your appreciation? You can like their page on Facebook or follow them on Twitter, but why not create your own fan page on Tributise? You might call yourself a supporter, an admirer, perhaps you would say you worship someone. We understand your passion. Your favorite team, your favorite group or your favorite band, you want to show your devotion

A celebrity tribute is a lasting page that you create for someone famous. Your favorite singer, favorite actor or favorite sports star. Anyone who you like. You can add pictures, video links to YouTube, and you can share the page with family and friends. You can also edit the page whenever you like. Think of it as a way to pay tribute to how much you like them and admire them. Are you a fan of Taylor Swift? or Pink Floyd? It does not matter what sort of music you like, or what sports you follow, you can create your personal pages to honor your idol.

The most popular pages on Tributise have thousands of view each month so why not create your own page and see if yours will be the most popular?

Why just 'like' someone elses page when you can create your own? Create your fan page today, write it here and share it with everyone you like. Tributise makes it really easy to share your page on Facebook, Twitter, wherever you like. You can also edit your page whenever you like, and create as many pages as you want. Think of it as your personal hall of fame where you choose the stars, and share your passion with other people.