A memorial tribute is a place for you to create a lasting page for someone you loved, and share the page with family and friends. Our approach at Tributise is to make it about 'celebration not sadness'. 

I was looking for something positive. For me, the tone should be celebration - not sadness. I wanted somewhere to keep those wonderful memories alive and share them with my family and friends. A place for interesting anecdotes, pictures and video clips. I just found the other memorial websites too depressing. Tributise is different.

Sometimes you only learn things about someone after they are gone. You hear the eulogy, and you discover interesting facts which can be really heartwarming.  

What do you know about your friends and relatives which you would love to share? What was their funniest story? Where was their favourite place to visit? What was their passion? Why not write it here and share it with everyone you like.

When you want to create a page for someone you loved, you can follow some simple steps.

First, write down some topics that you want to include on the memorial page. The natural way to do this, it to write everything in chronological (date) order. For example, you might want to write about where the person was born, or grew up. Where they went to school, the things that they enjoyed as child. What did they want to be when they grew up? Is that the way it turned out? These anecdotes help to keep the page personal and interesting. As you move through their life, you can add information about where they lived, where they worked, who they married 




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